Matching needs with solutions in unprecedented times

Communities and businesses across Canada and around the world are being faced daily with the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of what the next weeks and months look like.

One thing is certain: The pandemic has, and will continue to, put a tremendous strain on the infrastructure needs in our communities. In our country.

We’re here to help.


Spectrum of Solutions 

Immediate Response — We have 750 square foot portable classrooms that can be ready quickly to address needs such as outpatient treatment spaces, assessment centres and healthcare worker offices.

Medium Term Needs — We have a myriad of modular building designs for previously built facilities in housing, healthcare, retail and education that can be used to build much needed spaces in an accelerated period of time – many in as little as 3 to 4 months.

Longer Term Needs — The COVID-19 pandemic has identified the need to build for the future. Emergency response planning includes having the appropriate supportive infrastructure available when it is needed. NRB can work with organizations and communities on design/build projects that enable future preparedness.

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There are several ways we can help, and we are ready, willing and able to serve. We’re here to help. No matter what.